Our flexible approach and experienced resources allow us to generate value quickly.  Whether you know exactly what you need, or only know your pain and don’t know where to start, we’re in it with you from design to delivery.

How We Work

  • Willing to share risk & reward

  • Small, focused, highly-experienced teams

  • Short duration, results-driven projects

  • Use your data to identify real opportunities

  • Design solutions to achieve "best in class" results

  • Make results happen (not just presentations)

  • Generate value quickly, and without the sticker shock

"I have worked with the WCS team now for several years. They have been pivotal in helping me create both the vision and support for driving end to end supply chain improvements. They not only helped flesh out the strategy and implementation plan, but stood shoulder to shoulder with my team through execution.  At the end of the day WCS felt more like work colleagues than external consultants, and carried the same passion to ensure success."

- Wayne Swanton, SVP Global Operations - $8 Billion generic pharmaceutical company